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Our mission is to support small businesses and non-profits through hardship with various forms of assistance. ProjLocal was started at the height of the pandemic when many owners were pushed to a corner, struggling to sustain their customers and provide services. We have worked with many people since starting in 2021, allowing them to gain traction and grow their organizations.

Nihaal Konda - Founder and President

Hi! I'm a senior at Bellarmine College Prep who loves Speech and Debate and supporting my community however possible - from advocating for legislative solutions and helping small businesses to learning about the newest tech. I also like watching/playing basketball and football.

Joseph Thomas - Programmer

I'm a senior at Bellarmine College Prep who is really passionate about programming, and I have the most experience in Python. Beyond that, I also love playing basketball.

Andrew Huang - Programmer

I'm currently a junior at Bellarmine College Prep who spends the majority of his time on working on speech and debate, practicing piano, and doing service. I'm also an avid classical music and indie pop fan.

Sanchet Agarwal - Programmer

Hello, I am a junior at Bellarmine College Prep with experience in python, Java, C, Swift, and website design. I love to cook in my free time, and I am a member of my school’s speech and debate team.

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